Join the lab

We just started the lab at Stanford University in January 2020. Research focus is on the investigation of gut-bacteria and their interactions with each other and with the mammalian host. Our research is driven by the strong believe that number crunching and the joint consideration of vastly different biological scales can help us to obtain a  mechanistic understanding of the gut microbiota composition and to eventually uncover its relevance for human health. Combining modeling and experimental approaches our analyses include considerations of intestinal physiology and diet habits on the host side, as well as gene-regulation,  growth, ecology and evolution on the bacterial side. The lab is part of the interdisciplinary microbiology community in Stanford with many opportunities to establish collaborations with other labs and to make use of the excellent research conditions Stanford has to offer.

Graduate students

If you are currently enrolled in Stanford and are interested in doing a rotation in the lab, please contact Jonas to schedule a meeting. We have experimental projects available in the field of microbiology physiology. Experiments focus on the culturing of gut bacteria and their growth physiological characterization. Modeling projects are also available for those interested.

Not enrolled in Stanford yet? Please apply to the Biology graduate program (or another appropriate program).


We are looking for physicists or mathematicians with a keen interest in biological questions. Depending on background and interest of the candidate, work will include analytical and simulation approaches, but can also include a transition to hands on wet-lab approaches if wanted.

Applications from biologists or bioengineers with a background in bacterial physiology, molecular genetics or related fields are also welcome. Experimentally, one research focus will be the quantitative culturing of anaerobes and the characterization of their metabolic interactions.

If you are interested, please write Jonas an email and briefly introduce yourself and your current research interests. Happy to discuss then in more detail about research perspectives, specific projects, and current funding opportunities.

Undergraduate students

Please contact Jonas via email, providing information about your background and your interests.